About Us


Futuregreen foundation...Dedicated love for greenery and a passion to see saplings convert into trees.

As a non profit entity, Futuregreen foundation organises reforestation at every step, starting from initialisation right through to development and management. We run environment conservation projects through the country as well and are committed towards planting new saplings and caring for the trees. While this enables the citizens to reduce their carbon footprint, it brings to fore new livelihood opportunities for farmers in rural areas as well.

The organisation is open for anyone to join, irrespective of whether you are a government, corporate, a community group or an individual.

The initial starting point

It was at the time wherein the menace of global warming had started showing effect on our being that Futuregreen foundation got into motion with the intention safeguard the environment while working in unison with global citizens, such that each individual can do their part for the environment. We operate by the motto of reinstating greenery in any patch that is devoid of the same. The people are motivated towards the work owing to the opportunities of making a livelihood that come along with projects.

We render assistance to corporate with their green CSR projects, not only on ground but in an initiative that extends to internet marketing and cellular applications.


Futuregreen foundation is dedicated towards the task of letting the planet earth be cleaner, greener and better. We work towards our goals by planting trees in areas devoid of them. The motto of uplifting rural communities goes hand in hand with our efforts to plant more trees.

It is our intention to put technology to avail to bring the people closer to the environment. The planters get an online platform to track the progress of their trees, and also take steps towards socio environmental causes. We also make efforts to ensure that our tools and online platforms are transparent and user-friendly.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world that is plush in greenery and sustains diverse flora and fauna, which makes the sustenance for our species easier as well. We would love to breathe air in a world wherein people love to plant trees, which in turn accounts for a rich ecosystem.

Plantation of trees is also a means by which we can create more opportunities for creating a livelihood for the rural community and farmers, which further accounts for creating a society that is sustainable. Our initiatives involve corporate and society alike, and intend to bring about a difference in kids’ education and livelihood in rural areas.